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animations collabs and more stuff

2008-09-05 23:32:13 by madnessteen

first of all i have a lot of new stuff i finally restarted liquidation the rite way so far it was deleted a week ago on 6756 frames and now it says it has error or some kind of crap

2nd the preview came out and has a low score i might remove it =(
3rd my friend buckethead66 wants me to help him with university vs reality witch is wootification vs original then i have a two collabs i am in. the first is mine i will explain later in passage the 2nd is toxicdevil93s so this is Wat i have to finish in less then 8 months

toxicdevil93 collab slot 16
my collab 2 parts
madness liquidation
madness universal vs reality

ok now i have to redo the rules and so far i have 3 joiners
uh allowed for 8 people in collab that's it

uh if u want to find out more about the animation universal vs reality check out buckethead66 page for more recent information about the flash

so far i have 7 kils in liquidation and just started making the bg for toxics collab
and am 49% done my collab part so .... stay tuned for more updates also liquidation screen lolz oh and anyone wants to join collab pm me private message or post comment

animations collabs and more stuff


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2008-09-05 23:33:40

sorry for bad qulatiy gifs =(


2008-09-13 23:10:41

o hai.


2008-09-13 23:11:10

then use a 100 quality .jpg file.


2008-11-16 19:46:16



2008-11-18 16:34:11

austinhaywood knows exactly what he did. he helped aj find my old random insults chatroom. thats what he did.

madnessteen responds:

dude can i have the new chat oh and did u get my message