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Entry #26

back and new movie

2010-03-01 18:53:09 by madnessteen

well im back making a movie. though this aint any slice of shit this is gonna be some hardcore shit. i dont kno the info but its simple just lots of slashing and blasting.
edit: alright i got some tests for you guys top is earliest and bottom is the newest /56691_dun_dun_dun.php /56757_lwalking.php /56794_perfecto.php /59102_kill.php /61461_fall.php /64929_magnum.php /68444_improved_kill.php improved kill biatch /56690_nice_shot.php /60331_shotgun.php /72536_impressivefal.php /68337_new_wlking_test.php


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2010-03-05 20:43:23

Show me a test and I MYSELF will see if you're doing hardcore shit, young man.


2012-06-09 06:42:51

Did you recieve my response?